We believe that God calls all of us into a close, personal relationship with Him where we cherish Him and He cherishes us. As a team we talk to God, praise Him and let Him know how much He is loved, honored, and respected. We acknowledge Him as our King of Kings and Lord of Lords. He is the reason we exist and without Him we would be nothing - drifting without purpose and doomed to eternal separation.

EMAIL PRAYER TEAM: If you are tech savvy and want to keep in touch without leaving the house, this might be your answer on how to stay connected in prayer. Your commitment when you join the team: 

1.     PRAY!

2.     Keep all prayer requests confidential.

3.     Search your hearts and be in the right relationship with the Lord.

4.     When you get an answer to prayer - share.

To join the Prayer Team, send an email to brbc.prayer@gmail.com or call 602-750-3326 and ask for Ruth or Mike Ruane  


Ruth Ruane

Prayer Team Coordinator

Click on the image below to hear Noah's profound message about prayer. 

Ruth Ruane, Prayer Team Coordinator