Worship Kidstyle Series

Preschoolers, birth through Kindergarten, and guests are welcome to join our very excited teachers in a 'hands-on' experiential series as they learn and grow closer to Jesus. Our Mission Friends group will be learning about some very familiar stories in the Bible and how they can worship God. Children learn about the people, culture and missionaries serving around the world with the North American Mission Board. They will learn great principles to share with mom & dad and their entire family and friends. There are a variety of things in store with this series that preschoolers everywhere won't want to miss. The Worship Kidstyle series runs every Wednesday at 6:15 to 7:30 pm. Moms & dads don't let your preschooler miss out on this valuable teaching opportunity! Jesus loves them and we love them. The Bible tells them so and we show Christ's love all the time so they will feel Christ's family love here at Brown Road Baptist Church.